Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A script and a statement.

I had hoped to finish this script today.

I thought it up this morning.

I planned to finish it this night.

But as they say, "A plan is a list of things that won't happen."

Ah well. I still have had time to create bits like this:

Is that so?

She jots down some info on yet other one of her countless pieces of paper.

Maybe someday, Willis.
If you go and get yourself fixed.
Like I said, I don’t use rubbers.

And BAM, the phone goes down.

Nathan blinks. Once. Twice.
Three times.

...the Fuck?


And this.


Have you ever been in love?

Couldn’t say.

That’s a no. If you knew what I meant, you could definitely say, you couldn’t have enough to say.
Believe me.

He starts moving his feet, pacing in small motions

I’m not talking schoolbook, I don’t mean he’s cute-he’s cute,
or he’s cute-she’s cute, or whatever that might be. I’m talking about feeling nothing else
Can you imagine that? Having nothing but one person be your whole body and soul,
everything to you in one big-damn motion?
Can you?

Nathan says nothing. He merely palms a bullet and starts rolling it in his hand.

I can, Mr. Anders. I. CAN.
Now. Could you tell me what it would be like if that person died?

Matthew stops pacing. He’s staring straight at Nathan, who still keeps rolling that bullet within his fingers, the motion gradually gaining speed.

I could imagine.

Maybe you can, Mr. Anders. Maybe you can.
But if you can, if you know, if you’re that FUCKING PERCEPTIVE,
maybe you can tell me something else.
Maybe, maybe you can tell me what it feels like to not lose that feeling. Imagine if that person is still there, in your body, in your soul,
Even when they’re gone.
Even? Especially.

And with that, the floodgates open. No words, no grand sweeping wailing. He just maneuvers himself into the chair which he had previously shunned.

Matthew cries. Quietly. To himself.


And a good time was had by all.

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